Wraps are a fun and different variation from the regular every day sandwich. Wraps are a sandwich in a tortilla, basically. I know you can purchase wraps from the store and they come in all kinds of flavors (garlic, spinach, etc..) but I tend to focus on just something simple and basic. I use whole wheat tortillas, usually store bought as my own homemade tortillas are just too small.

Here are some basic ideas for fillings

Any typical sandwich filling can be spread on a tortilla and wrapped up. This includes tuna, egg salad, ham salad, chicken salad, etc.. You can also use lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, layered and wrapped up.

Another one of my favorites is a Veggie Wrap. I take leftover salad, usually from dinner the night before. I sprinkle homemade Italian dressing on this and let it sit. I then spread a little cream cheese over my tortilla, lay my salad/dressing mix over this and wrap it up. Very yummy!! You can also add cheese if you would like.

My younger children enjoy regular peanut butter and jam on there wrap. Something about having this old stand-by on a tortilla makes it fun to eat!


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