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Breakfast is a great meal to incorporate those low cost basic foods..  Grains make a nutritious and filling meal.  I am always looking to simplify my weekday breakfast routine in my home. I like to get breakfast done and over with quickly so we can move onto the important issues of the day.  One food my children like me to have on hand is Instant Oatmeal.  I like to have it because I know they will get a good and filling breakfast quickly while making a minimal amount of mess in the kitchen while they are at it!

This web page will show you how to make your own instant oatmeal and a cost comparison of making your own to buying the little packets of Quaker Instant Oatmeal.   

Bulk Instant Oatmeal (the recipe can be found HERE ): Here is how you make it....

Gather together your ingredients


Take half the oats (10 cups) and run a few cups at a time through your food process or blender to make smaller


Combine them with the other 10 cups of oats and add the powdered milk, cinnamon and salt




Stir well and put in a gallon size jar




To make a serving combine cup of the mix with 1 cup boiling water




Put something over the top of the bowl (I use a small plate) and let is sit for a few minutes


When it is done, stir  and it is ready to serve

You can add your sweetener of choice and a little milk for a yummy, quick, hot breakfast


Now for the cost: 

Using the method of calculating costs of items found HERE I came up with these numbers: 

(Prices were calculated at the beginning of 2010)

$1.33 Powdered Milk
$2.09 Quick Oats (this was the price for the non organic oats) 

The cost was $3.42   

I did not calculate the cost of the cinnamon and salt but I don't believe it makes a significant change in the total amount.

At $3.42 I calculated this to cost 4 cents per ounce.   

Compared to buying a box of 10 instant oatmeal packets (Quaker Oats brand, regular, no flavoring or sugar added, total weight for one box was 11.8 oz) at: $3.84 per box (generic brands could be cheaper) brings the cost to 32.5 cents an ounce.  Even if you could find them cheaper the cost would still be very high compared to making it yourself.   

One last note of interest, the store bought instant oatmeal also has MSG added to it.  It is the second ingredient after oats.  The sweetened types also have sugar added, the second ingredient after oats with the MSG following in 3rd place.   

Homemade is not only way less expensive but much healthier as well! 




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