Thursday's Chores

Keep up on dishes
Scrub out kitchen sink (make it shine)
Sweep and wash floor
Clean out stove vent
Wash vent screen in dishwasher
Move microwave and clean behind it
Clean out garbage area under sink

Dining Room
Clean up clutter
Shake out table cloth, change if necessary
Sweep floor
Clean off top of piano
Dust Piano
Wipe off light covers on chandelier

Vacuum rugs
Wipe off light covers on chandelier

Living Room
Vacuum Carpet
Straighten up cushions and blankets
Clean up clutter

Wash out toilet
Shake rugs
Sweep floor
Wash out sinks
Clear off counters
Wipe off counter
Laundry Room
Clean out sink, make it shine
Sweep floor
Clean off counter
Mop floor

Vacuum black rugs

Clean bedrooms
Wipe down railing in hallway

Check garbage room and organize as needed
Sweep garbage room floor
Mop floor
Wipe off tops and sides of freezers

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