Spring Clean your Living Room/Family Room


Lets move on to the Living Room/ Family Room!


Begin by cleaning out any clutter.  That is always the best place to start in any room. 


You will notice I do a lot of vacuuming and dusting in the living room. Living in the country and heating with wood tends to equal a lot of dust!  I donít think I ever really new what the word Ďdustí meant while living in the city! LOL..  I have a canister vacuum that has a nice little soft brush on it and I use it a lot for cleaning dust off of my furniture, tables, light shades, etc..  


Remember to add and subtract from this list as it applies to your own home!


This room may not take a whole week.


Have fun!! 




~ Gather all throws and afghans and wash them

~ Drapes: vacuum them to get the dust out.  I could take them down to be cleaned but instead I am just going to vacuum the dust and call it good.  :)

~ Wash window, inside and out

~ Wipe down and dust off pictures on the walls.

~ Vacuum all the corners and edges of the walls and wood work around doorways and windows

~ Vacuum the dust around the heating vents

~ Move all furniture (one piece at a time) to vacuum under and behind it

~ Vacuum all furniture, flip couch cushions, vacuum couch pillows

~ Dust and wipe down the piano

~ Dust and/or vacuum down all end tables

~ Vacuum around the TV and clean screen

~ Remove books from the shelves and dust shelves and wipe dust off of books

~ Wipe down and dust all knick-knacks

~ Clean the carpet (if yours needs it.. I wonít be cleaning carpet this time around)



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