Spring Clean Your Kitchen!


To me the biggest room to clean is the kitchen!  So we will tackle that room first! 


You can print out this list, get your cleaners and supplies ready to go, plan a few easy meals and be armed and ready for cleaning day!!!


Don't forget to include your children!  They are great helpers and when everyone is working for a common goal it creates a lot of enthusiasm and will instill in your children not only practical skills of cleaning, but the value of a clean home! 


Have fun ladies!! A clean home is a blessing to your family!  What a privilege we have serve our loved ones in this way!



Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Crystal Miller



I looked around my heavily used kitchen the other day and realized the time has come from a little spring cleaning. 


I have so many things happening in my life right now that I knew it might be difficult for me to devote a large block of time to this project.  So I am breaking the project down into workable sections to be done over a few days time.  I figure I can devote at least 30 minutes to 1 Ĺ hours each afternoon for a week (or less) to get my kitchen super cleaned.


The first thing I did was to comprise a list of what I plan to do.  Then I broke the list down into sections so I know what I am going to tackle for the day.  If I really get into my job I can always do more, but if not I know what I need to do each day. 


Here is what my list looks like (plus a couple of other tips):


~ Wash walls (remove anything that you may hang on the walls and wipe it down)

~ Remove curtains and wash

~ Wipe down window sills and trim

~ Wash windows

 ~ Remove ceiling fan and clean the grill and filter on the fan


~ Give all my counters and back splashes a good cleaning. 

~ Wiped down and wash all small appliances

~ Clean out the inside of the refrigerator.  Throw away any food that is past its date.

~ Wash the outside of the refrigerator and vacuum out the coils. 

~ Move refrigerator and dust and clean the floor where it normally sits

~ Take time to wipe down the walls while I have the fridge out


~ Clean my oven

~ remove burners and wash pans and clean under the burners

~ Remove fan screen filter and run through dishwasher to clean.  When I did not have a dishwasher I use to soak them in vinegar to clean them.

~ Remove all the knobs and soak them in warm soapy water

~ Wash the front of the oven remove access panel on the bottom and clean underneath. Some people may have a drawer there, but on my oven model I donít.  If I had one, I would pull it out and clean it and then clean under the range.  


~ Clean out all kitchen drawers.  Pull them out, clean them out, wipe them clean and rearrange items if needed

~ Cupboards: Go through each one, clean out, toss or give away things that I really donít use and reorganize any thing that is not working for me

~ Wash the fronts of all my cupboards

~ Wash my dishwasher..  I will be running vinegar through an empty load to clean the inside.  Also there are areas around the door of the dishwasher and the seal that need some wiping down

~ Clean out the inside of the microwave.  Wipe down the outside too 


~ Floors: Give an extra good scrubbing, wash the foot boards, and recoat the floor with acrylic floor finish

~ Iron my freshly washed curtains and hang them back up. 


I have already started my cleaning this week and just getting a little of it done is making kitchen look and feel so much better.  One of first things I did this week was to plan my menu.  I did not want to be bothered thinking about food and what I was going to fix each night.  I have been making good use of my crockpot as well as getting things prepared or at least started early in the day.  This way I wonít have to worry about messing up the kitchen when I am in the middle of my cleaning or having to stop cleaning so I can focus on dinner.


Before I start any cleaning tasks I also make sure I have plenty of homemade cleaners ready to go and a good supply of cleaning rags.


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