Spring Cleaning Tips  

~Clothing should be comfy, tie your hair back if needed, roll up your sleeves.   

~Remember most of us spend way more time procrastinating about a job than the job actually takes us!  So have a good attitude to begin with and be thankful for the time to provide your family with the blessings of a clean home. 

~Put some upbeat music on.   

~Get the kids involved.  Even young children can empty trash buckets, hand you tools and supplies, dust, etc.  Older kids can vacuum, mop, sweep, move furniture, wash walls.  Working together with your children makes cleaning even more enjoyable.  Plus you can be developing in them a positive attitude about house cleaning.  

~Plan to give yourself and home a small reward when you are done; a new tablecloth for you dinging room table, a new candle to burn, a picture to hang, fresh flowers to set out.  You will love the feel of your home and the satisfaction of a job well done!   


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