Spring Clean Your Home With Me!!

I thought it might be fun and motivational if we all did a little spring cleaning of our homes together.


Check out my room by room pages that will help give you a checklist of jobs to do in each area. We all donít have the same rooms, and our checklists may be a bit different but you can modify my lists to fit your home and work at your own pace on this. 


My pace in spring cleaning is always pretty slow. I have so much to do in life that setting aside a few days to really clean my home just will not happen.  So I take spring cleaning in bite size bits.  I work one room, a little at a time each day and spread the load over a few days to a week, depending on all that I need to get done. 


 One of the things I see that happens when I start a big endeavor like spring cleaning is that something else usually falls behind.  For me it was always the meal time.  Who has time to cook when you are busy spring cleaning??   Well I know that there is time to cook if I plan well!  So part of my spring cleaning is to make well planned menus, maybe do a little freezer cooking before hand and make my meals simple for days I clean. 


With this in mind, you can check out my Homestead Kitchen where you will find lots of recipes and help that can make these busy cleaning days much simpler! 





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