Spring Clean the Bedrooms


Tackling the Kid’s Bedrooms


 First you have to get the room cleaned up to do any big cleaning.  So start by picking up toys, dealing with clothes and straighten things up.   If you have a lot of toys to go through pack them in containers and remove them from the room.  That will make all the other cleaning much more manageable.  After you are done with the big cleaning you can sort, toss and organize the toys.


~ Remove curtains and start washing them

~ Wipe down walls & dust ceiling

~Wash windows

~ Remove all bedding right down to the mattress covers

~ Wash everything from pillows to comforters, blankets and sheets

~ Take mattresses off the bed and vacuum and dust the bed frame.  Move bed and vacuum or sweep underneath.

~ Put box springs back in place, flip mattress

~ Put clean bedding back on bed

~ Dust dressers and then go through the drawers and any other furniture in the room such as nightstands, desks, toy chests, etc.

~ Clean out the closet. Remove whatever is in there and dust and vacuum and wipe down the walls

~ Vacuum or sweep and mop the floor


Now that the room is clean you can tackle some cleaning out and sorting.  Start with your children’s clothing. Make sure you have a couple of large plastic bags; one for clothes to give away and one for clothes to throw away. Also have a plastic tote to put clothes in that your children have outgrown. 


Go through the dresser and the closet dealing with the clothes.


Now deal with toys.  I have this philosophy that I have developed after having 8 children and that is, “less is best”.  Nothing like too many toys to make a child very confused.  If the mess of toys seems overwhelming or confusing to me, you can bet it is even more so for the child. 


Get rid of toys that are no longer played with.  Simplify your toys to just a few tried and true tested toys.  Then keep those in totes and rotate them as your child has an interest in them.  Things that I have kept throughout the last 23 years: Lego’s, wooden blocks, wooden train set, dolls and baby clothes and a couple misc. doll accessories, cars & trucks, various stuffed animals, a doll house w/wood furniture and a few little dolls and not that long ago I got rid of the farm animal set because my children have outgrown it.  But basically this has been it.  Other things have certainly made their way into my home, but they never last too long.  Keep the toys simple and this will make clean up time easy and the confusion down to a minimum.


Spring Cleaning Your Room



OK.. the principles are about the same here. Start by giving the room a good cleaning.  Then focus on the walls, windows, curtains, all need to be washed and dealt with.  The furniture dusted.  Clean out and vacuum and/or dust the closet.  Remove all bedding and wash, move the bed, if possible to clean behind, around and under it.  Don’t forget to flip your mattress before putting clean sheets on.


The main thing I focus on when cleaning my room is the fact that it is not just MY room; this room that my husband and I share is OUR room.  I want to make this a special place for the two of us.  I like to keep clean and clutter free.  You can think of things that will enhance the room like lighting, pretty bedding, flowers, candles, music, etc. Whatever it is that would make this room “yours”. 


When you are all done with the cleaning, it will be so nice to have this room looking and feeling special and a bit romantic to the two of you.


Happy Spring Cleaning this week!!













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