Spring Clean the Bathroom




To begin with do a quick pick up and clean up of the bathroom.  Take things out of there that donít belong.  Put bathroom items that are out, away.  With a damp cloth and a little spray cleaner wipe out the sink and wipe down the mirror. 


Remove any throw rugs and coverings from toilet and wash those.


Sweep the floor.


OK, now it is time for the deep cleaning. 


~ Begin with the walls and curtains.  Wipe down and clean walls.  If there is mold anywhere (the kind that can collect in corners or edges or along windows in bathrooms) you can use water and a little detergent to wash them. If you have a bad mold problem in your bathroom then you may want to read this information: http://doityourself.com/mold/moldresources.htm 

~ Take down the curtains and wash them.  Wash windows and clean up window frame.

~ Clean up the vents and fans.  I remove my bathroom fan and wipe it down because it is usually pretty dusty. 

~ Remove any light fixtures and wash them.

~ Wipe down the outside of the medicine cabinet


~ Clean out linen closet or shelves. Remove what is in there, wipe off the shelves and reorganize as you put thing back.

~ Do the same for medicine cabinet or any other shelves or drawers or cupboards you may have in your bathroom


~ Give your tub and shower a good scrub.  Use baking soda and dish detergent you can clean off soap scum and make things shine!

~ Remove shower curtain and wash or replace.

~ Clean the toilet.  Using a toilet brush, clean the inside, using a mild all purpose cleaning solution wash down the outside of the toilet

~ Empty the trash can and wipe the outside down


Finally give the floor a good scrubbing. 


Replace washed rugs, hang some fresh hand towels and light a pretty candle!










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