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Crystal’s Simple Soap Recipe
Crystal Miller

16 oz. lard
8 oz. coconut oil
6.4 oz. olive oil
1.6 oz. canola oil

12 oz water
4.54 oz. lye

.3 to .4oz fragrance oil

Temperature for lye and oil: 100 to 105

Makes 2 lbs of soap (measurement of oils only)

This recipe traces easily and the oils are typically easy to find oils, in fact most of them can probably be found in a grocery store (coconut oil is the only one that may not be found. But many more grocery stores are carrying it. Look also in health food stores if you are having trouble locating it).

Notes: Makes a nice hard bar of soap.


Crystals Simple Soap #2 (vegetable oils only)
Crystal Miller

12.8 oz olive oil
6.4 oz coconut oil
6.4 oz palm oil
6.4 oz shortening (Crisco Only)

12 oz water
4.45 oz lye

.8 oz scent oil (approx.)

Temperature for lye and oils: 100 to 110 degrees

Follow basic soap making instructions. This recipe makes 2 lbs soap.



Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Crystal Miller

40 oz lard
20 oz coconut oil
16 oz olive oil
4 oz canola oil

18 oz. water
11.35 oz lye

1 – 12oz can goats milk
¾ cup ground up oats
¼ cup honey
2 oz Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance oil

Add lye to cold water and let it cool to 95-100 degrees. While cooling measure and add all oils to a 6qt pan. Have oats, honey and fragrance oil measured and waiting. When lye is just about cool enough, heat oils until melted and allow to cool to 100. When oils are at the right temp, add water/lye mixture to the oils and stir by hand or with a stick blender. At a very light trace add the can of goat’s milk and continue stirring. When mixed in well, add oats, honey and fragrance oil and stir until it traces. Pour into molds. Let sit in molds for 24 hours or until firm. Take out of mold, cut into bars and let it cure for 4 to 6 weeks.

**This recipe makes 5lbs of soap**



Crystal’s Lard Soap for Laundry
I make this soap to use in my homemade laundry soap.

1- 4lb bucket lard (bought from the grocery store)

8.4 oz. lye
20oz. water

2 oz. of fragrance oil, optional

***If you want to add fragrance you can add or an essential oil such as orange or lavender or add a fragrance oil. My favorite one to add is Tide Fragrance Oil that I purchase from Sweetcakes Soapmaking Supplies (  )

I let both the water/lye and the oil cool to about 110 degrees. Mix lye/water into melted lard and stir until at a light trace. Add fragrance oil.

Pour into mold. Since this soap will be grated to be used in laundry no special mold is needed. Typically I use a cardboard box that I line with a plastic garbage bag.

The soap should be covered and left to sit for 24 hours. After that remove from mold and cut into chunks appropriate for grating. I grate my soap about 1 week later and lay it out to dry and the store it in a box in my laundry room.

This makes a fairly low sudsing soap.



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