Revering Our Husbands

By Crystal Miller


With Fatherís Day just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to share the importance of revering our husband as well as some practical ways that we can bless him. Ephesians 5:33 says, Ö. and the wife see that she reverence her husband (KJV).  The word reverence means: : honor or respect felt or shown (according to Merriam Webster).  There are many things we can do on a regular daily basis that will let our husbands know just how much we respect them.  To a man, respect is vital, just as to a woman love is vital.  The first part of Ephesians 5:33 command men to love their wives and then for wives to reverence (respect) their husbands.


So what are some practical ways we can revere our husbands? For me personally I like to do as many things as possible that show my husband love and support which in turn, I believe, shows him respect.  I have always looked at ways that I can bless my husband each day.  I was reading a book one time by the author Elizabeth George (ďA Woman after Godís Own HeartĒ) and I came across a story about how her husband had a very long and difficult day.  He arrived home late and was exhausted.  As he walked in the door he said to her (something like this as I am not giving a direct quote here), ďI knew everything would be fine when I got homeĒ.   He knew he was walking into a place of rest, support and love.  After I read that it made me think about my own husband and wanted him to be able to say this.  How many husbands can feel this way about their home?  I would hope many of them.


We depend on our husband to lead the home and provide for us and our family.  What a weight that can be for a husband.  They may carry fears of their ability to do this, or perhaps loss of a job or other factors involved in their position.  One of the things I can forget is to let my husband know that his role in this family is valued and respected by me.  I take it for granted that he will get up the next day and head to work, after all that is his job.  I think it is important to let our husbands know how thankful we are for the way they care for our family and the security of a home and a life that comes from his labor. 



Finding times and ways to bless my husband will show him the love and respect I have for him and his role. One opportunity that I find to do this is when he comes home from work.  I love to make his life peaceful, comfortable and centered on him at this time.  It is been a blessing to him for me to just be home when he comes home.  Instead of being out doing things that I could have done at another time I make him the priority and be here to greet him.  I think it is important to be willing to change my schedule and to work my life around my husbands.  I donít think it should be the other way around, as I am ďhisĒ helpmeet.  My husband works graveyard, and works 10 hour shifts plus drives about 1 Ĺ hours total commuting time so he has long days.  I make a point to have a meal for him when he walks in the door, I make sure the house is picked up and that we are not right in the middle of vacuuming or heavy duty house cleaning.  It can wait until after he goes to   bed.  The children are dressed, if it is winter time, a fire is going to warm the house, maybe some nice music is playing and our home is a peaceful place to be.


There are many other ways to be a blessing to our husbands.  We can and should daily pray for them.  Pray specifically for them and their walk with the Lord. 


Encourage your husband daily with sweet words, and a loving attitude towards him.  He needs to be spoken to with love and respect. Encouragement given to him will be a much bigger blessing than nagging and/or bossing.   Build him up and donít focus on his shortcomings.  Pray for those areas and leave it in Godís hand.


Another blessing to a husband is being a woman who can hold her husbands trust (the heart of her husband safely trusts her.. Prov. 31:11).  In order to do this it is wise to not share personal things about your husband to others.

Donít share things about his faults with others.  When you are out in public with your husband only say things that build him up and affirm him, not critical things (even in jest). Be a place where your husband can come to share the things that weigh on his heart.  Let your husband know that the things of his heart that he shares with you stay with you.


I like to also think of some of the basic practical things that make my husbands life flow smoothly and keep him going on a daily basis.  Things like a space in the bathroom where he can have his personal things.  Believe me, with a houseful of teenage girls and only one bathroom, this is a big priority!  Also clean laundry always ready for him, clean bath towels for his shower, and time to sit and listen to him and how his day was and whatever else may be on his mind.  One of the most loving needs that I can meet is to be available to my husband intimately, as often as desired. I feel that this is not only loving and Biblical (1 Corinthians 7:1) but will be a blessing to us and the health or our marriage.


Lastly, at least for this article as there are many other areas that I have not even touched on, I can see that we can bless and revere our husbands by letting them be the men that God wants them to be, not the men we think they should be.  Each man has his own walk before the Lord.  Each husband will have failures, faults and things that we can see need to be changed.  But each man is standing before Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in them too. It is a weight that is nice not to have to carry.  It is a far better job to care for, pray for, love, serve, bless, and support our husbands.  Our husbands need our encouragement, and they need us to bless them in ways that show they are truly revered.


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