Crystal Miller

I have been thinking lately about priorities, and priorities out of place. It can happen so fast. Life gets busy and suddenly I look around me and find my house is a mess, my children are not doing what they should be, I forget to plan dinner and just throw things together, I am not staying on top of laundry or other chores, my children and myself are not getting enough sleep and we are suffering because of it (sickness, crankiness, that type of thing) etc.. I think you get the picture.

I really dislike it when these things begin to happen to my home and family. I always have to stop at this point and analyze and reset the priorities. I have to look at the source of all the busyness and evaluate the situation. Sometimes the busyness can not be helped.  A few years ago my Father-in-law had prostate surgery and we had to help him during his recovery. My husband and I were back and forth from his home to ours, which is a 45 minute drive one way, daily. This caused many things at home to fall apart, and we adjusted to this knowing that things would settle down soon.

But sometimes our busyness is self made. Perhaps we add more activities to our lives than we can handle or we become too absorbed in things that interest us, etc… I have dealt with all of these things myself and sometimes it is hard to set things aside or give up enjoyed activities or sometimes have to take our children out of enjoyed activities in order to rearrange our lives.

Sometimes we misunderstand just what our priorities even are. For me my priorities are have been determined by the Scriptures, Titus 2 v:3-5 – the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things- that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed. -- I believe strongly that this is my calling from the Lord.

Sometimes incorrect priorities have stemmed from my correct priorities. Such as the time a friend and I started a homeschool support group. There is nothing wrong with this and it centered on my children and homeschooling and seemed like it fit right in with the priorities. But the problem was that my attention to the group began to rise above other priorities. My house was not being cared for as my husband desired, my children were not being given the attention and training they needed, etc.. Due to the number of children I had at the time, their ages and other varying circumstances I was just not the one to do this job. I was not able to do this and still keep my priorities in order.

It is also important to remember that priorities do change and are adjusted during our lives as well. The priorities of having a houseful of several teens and pre-teens right now is different than when I had a lot of babies and young children to care for. During those years it was almost impossible for me to do anything else other than basic care for them. At the time it did not seem like things would ever be different. Today I am able to accomplish more because my priorities have been adjusted to the changing needs of my family.

It has taken me some time in my life to learn how to handle my priorities wisely and keep things running smoothly and in order in my home. This I believe is the goal of a “keeper of the home”. Even still it can be a challenge for me to continually keep my priorities in order and then to make corrections if they begin to slip, and even more of a challenge to not act hastily and quickly before taking on other things in my life. I must pray for wisdom, discuss it with my husband, who can sometimes understand me better than I understand myself, and then consider the effect it may have on me, my time and my ability to keep my priorities in order.


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