Pizza Rice Casserole
Crystal Miller

2 cups cooked brown rice
1 cups cottage cheese
1 lb. sausage or hamburger or a combo of both
1 onion, chopped
1 -14oz can diced tomatoes
1 -8oz can tomato sauce
2 t Italian seasonings
t salt
Mozzarella cheese
Black olives, sliced

Combine cooked rice and cottage cheese and spread into the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Cook sausage and onions until sausage is done and onions are soft. Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, Italian seasonings and salt. Spread this over the top of the rice. If you want to use the optional items layer those on top of the sausage/tomato mixture. Top with mozzarella cheese (as much or as little as desired). Bake at 325 for 30 minutes or until all is bubbly and hot and cheese has melted.


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