I get countless emails asking me, "What is Sucanat?"  or "What are Cane Juice Crystal's"   so I figured it was time to give most often used answer a webpage so I could refer people here...


Cane juice crystal’s and Sucanat are both forms of organic sugar that has not been refined. 

I have worked over the last few years on my family’s diet to improve it as much as possible.  A few years ago I read a book called “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty and was very motivated to take refined white sugar out of our diet.  Today I use honey, real maple syrup and organic sugar. 

Organic sugar is made by squeezing the juice from the sugar cane and drying it. 

The color of Sucanat is very dark because the natural molasses has not been removed. 

Sucanat stands for SU(gar)CA(ne)NAT(ural). 

Cane juice crystal’s have had a little more of the molasses removed and are more of a tan color.  This is nice in some recipes where you do not want the stronger molasses taste. 

You should be able to find both of these ingredients in a health food store or from on-line sources.  You can also replace regular sugar if you don’t have access to these ingredients.

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