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Iíve not sent out a newsletter for the last two months and wonít be sending one out this month.  Iím at a point where I think itís time for a little break.  Not sure how long but after 9+ years of publishing a monthly newsletter, a little break sounds like a good plan to me!!  I do desire to continue the newsletter in the future and will keep you posted!


Thank you for your understanding!


Crystal :)   


Have you ever thought you saw some article on my site but then find you canít locate it again? Well, finally I now have a search page to help you out! Here it is:  You can find this link on the top of the main page of the site too.


The Family Homestead is now on Facebook!

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If the link is not working you can do a Facebook search for: "The Family Homestead" and will easily find it.


That is all for June! I hope you all have a blessed month in your home!

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