Master Cleaning List

Dishes, keep up on continually
Wipe down counters
Wipe down fronts of cupboards
Wipe out microwave
Move microwave and clean behind it
Clean out toaster
Move items away from counter top and wipe counter clean
Wash windows
Remove and wash curtains
Wipe down front of dishwasher & fridge
Clean off top of fridge and wash
Sweep and mop floors, daily
Check garbage and empty as needed
Clean garbage area under sink
Wash sink and make it shine
Clean out fridge of dying food
Wash fridge

Dinning Room
Move table and sweep or vacuum floor
Clear off hutch and wipe down
Wash glass windows on hutch doors
Clean off top of piano
Wipe down light covers on chandelier
Dust in corners of floor
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling

Clean tub 3 times a week
Check for small soap bar bits and toss
Put new soap in shower as needed
Clean unnecessary items from shower
Wipe out sinks
Straighten counter top
Throw away any empty bottles
Check garbage and empty as needed
Shake rug
Sweep floor
Mop floor 3 times a week
Clean mirrors

Move table and chairs and vacuum
Wash floor
Clean up any clutter on table
Wipe down light covers on chandelier
Wash windows
Wash curtains as needed

Vacuum rugs
Vacuum around doorways and corners
Pick up clutter
Clean clutter off of chair
Wash floor
Move shelf and vacuum and wash underneath
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling
Wipe down wainscoting
Dust top of doorways

Laundry Room
Organize pantry shelves as needed
Counters cleaned and cleared
Area around washer & dryer organized
Laundry moved through
Boot & shoe area cleaned up and neat looking
Sink washed & shining
Toss old or small soaps and replace as needed
Clean sink and make it shine
Sweep and wash floor

All rooms neat and in order
Laundry kept up on
Carpets vacuumed
Beds made
Sheets changed
Windows washed
Curtains washed
Hallway clear
Hallway floor washed weekly
Hallway dusted, ceiling to floor
Stairs vacuumed and washed 2 to 3 times weekly or as needed

Vacuum basement carpets
Vacuum basement floors
Cut up cardboard boxes as needed
Clear off counter in front of pantry shelves
Organize food items as needed
Wipe off top & sides of freezers as needed
Organize shelf near totes as needed
Stack all totes: walkway must be clear
Organize shelf by stairs as needed

Garbage Room
Organized & neat
Sweep floors/mop
Deal with garbage as needed
Deal with recycling: close up full bags & put new bags up

Music Room
All “stuff” picked up
Floor is clean and cleared
Organize as needed

Basement Stairs:
Vacuum and wash 3 times a week (this includes landing at the top of the stairs)
Vacuum cobwebs in corners ceilings

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