Make a Homemaking Notebook

Homemaking notebooks are very unique to each individual. I have read countless websites showing how to set one up and how to organize them. But many of the sections that they had were not something I would use or where not relevant to my home. I had to assess exactly what I wanted from my notebook.

Mostly I desired to have a place where I could keep my home life organized. I needed extensive cleaning lists and daily chores written out so I did not have to rethink this every day. I wanted a place to keep my meals and menus and grocery lists organized. And finally I needed a spot to help keep my homeschooling organized for each child.

The first thing to analyze when making your own notebook is what exactly do you want to accomplish with it. What is your main purpose in having a notebook? Once you know that you can begin to fill in the book with your own unique sections.


My Notebook Details

Photos of my Notebook

Cleaning Lists



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