Making Laundry Soap: Step-by-Step in Pictures!


If you are not familiar with this recipe you can click here:   to read the recipe, what each ingredient is, tips on where to locate the harder to find items AND how much money you will save by doing this! 


~If after reading through this you have a question PLEASE read the "Questions Answered" at the bottom of this page. I am no longer able to answer questions about the laundry soap via email.  Thank you! Crystal :)



A few things to explain:

In the following pictures my daughter Emily and I are making a double batch of soap, so there will be more volume from all the ingredients than if you were making a single batch.  Also I make my own soap instead of using the Fels Naptha, so my soap is white, not brown. 


Now let’s get started and make some laundry soap! 


First gather together the needed items.


Washing Soda and Borax:


A soap of some sort.  The picture below shows the soap I use to make mine which I make.  I now have this soap for sale in my Country Store for anyone who may be interested.


A bucket. When I make laundry soap I make a double batch and I use a saved Costco laundry detergent bucket from the last one I bought (over a year ago now!). :


And a pot of some sort to melt the soap/water in.


First begin by getting everything measured out ahead of time.  I find this makes it much easier. 


I start by grating my soap:


Then I measure out the washing soda and borax into a small bowl and setting it aside:


I also pre-measure all the needed water.  You will need to have 4 cups of hot water to add to your soap as soon as you pour it into the bucket. I put those 4 cups into a canning jar and put them in my microwave to heat while I start the rest of the process.


I mix the grated soap with the water:


Leave this on a medium burner and stir now and again until the soap melts:


Then remove from the heat and add the washing soda and borax:


Stir until all is dissolved:


Pour this mixture into your bucket:


Add those 4 cups of hot water:


Now add the remaining water.  I saved a few gallon jugs for this purpose.  I can have the jugs filled with water and waiting to be poured into the bucket.  The recipe calls for a gallon of water, plus 6 cups.. I have those 6 cups also measured out and then pour them into the bucket:



Stir and let it sit until the next day:



It should turn into a water/gel type mixture.  If it does not gel up for you, you can still use it.  Next time add a little more soap (like half the bar of Fels Naptha) and see if that helps. 


I was going to take a picture of the finished product, but because I use my own homemade soap (which is white).. mine looked like a white watery/gel inside a white bucket..  So the picture just looked white!!    


Would you like an easy way to try out this laundry soap recipe?


  You can purchase a laundry soap making kit from my Country Store that has enough washing soda, borax and my homemade soap to make one batch of laundry soap.








Homemade Laundry Soap Questions (UPDATE as of 2007)

I am going to attempt to give a few answers here to the most often asked questions on this laundry detergent as I get way to many emails on this for me to answer individually anymore.

If you don’t see your question answered here I suggest you visit my forum and see if you can find the answers there..

One question I often get is whether or not you can use the laundry soap in HE (High Efficiency) machines.

~~ First, what I share on this site is from my own personal experience. I don’t have an HE machine so I don’t have any personal experience to share with you on this.

I have had many ladies with HE machines email me or mention on my boards that they have HE machines and they use this soap and they don’t have problems.

The consistency of the soap is another common question. I have answered but will attempt to be more clear.

~~It will be a liquid gel.. or a liquid with bits of gel in it or as some ladies have described it: Egg Noodle Soup consistency. If it is more or less gelled it still works.. if it did not gel at all, next time add more soap. Some ladies have said they add the whole bar of Fels Naptha.. play around with the recipe until you get the results you desire. :)

I occasionally get emails from ladies telling that the soap did not clean badly soiled or smelly clothes well..

~~I find the soap works fine for every day dirt and grime.. if I have extra dirty clothes then I will often add a scoop of Oxyclean to the load


***Some ladies have found that they like a little extra cleaning boost to the recipe so they double the amount of borax and washing soda.. this only very mildly effects the cost and may help if you feel you need that.


Also…   Does this really clean the clothes?


~~WELL…  I have been using it for over a year now and am completely convinced we are wearing clean clothes..  LOL..   soooo…  just try it and see with you think..


And I have had some unusually questions too..  like the soap became a solid gel.. do you think it was because of temperatures? 


You know..  I have no idea..  remember ladies I am just one homemaker sharing my experiences with you and I don’t have every answer..  take the time to just learn and experiment on your own..   that is what makes this so fun!





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