Keeper of the Home 101

Crystal Miller


Recently I had a friend over to my house.  She had wanted to come and discuss a few things with me.  In her quest to be a better homemaker, mother, wife, etc., she had a very basic question for me, “What is the definition of a Keeper at Home”?  She shared that her own mother had not been an example to follow and she was working in her own life to understand the whole or complete meaning of this role.


Well I thought about an answer to this question for a minute and then said..  “Well, to put it into a nutshell, when your whole life is revolving around your husband you are on the right track!” ~smile~.  Now you may be thinking that this is an odd answer.  The thoughts going through your mind might have been housecleaning, child care, meal preparations, etc.  These are after all many of the tasks involved in keeping the home.  But in my answer I was looking at something much bigger.  I think this answered surprised her and it was the focus for the rest of our chat that day.


Let me share why I would answer this way.  I believe that God created us to be our husband’s helpmeet.  This position that he handed us is really a wonderful spot to be in.  This is not a position of door mat, slave, or any other unappealing characterization spin that this world would like to put on it. Before God we are an equal with our husband with each of us being handed a different role with different responsibilities that go with it. 


Being a helpmeet to our husband means that we are a support to them, working side by side with them as they fulfill their role in the family.  This job means that we can work to make the home life flow smoothly and to serve him in a way that will better enable him to serve the family.  This means considering your husband in the decisions you make in life, this means thinking ahead a little on ways that will give comfort and support to your husband. 


If he works hard all day physically then to think ahead to have a home that is relaxed, comfortable and appealing when he comes home would taking his needs into consideration. Does your husband like peace and quiet at the end of a day??  Well then working to have the children in good spirits, the house clean and some soft music playing when he walks in the door would be a way of bringing peace and quiet into his life. Is your husband hungry when he walks in after work?  If so then having a hot dinner waiting at the table for him would be a blessing to him.  Does your husband prefer you to be home when he comes home?  If so then planning your day so as to be there for him would be an important thing to do.  So you see each of these things that you would do to be a support to your husband would have an effect on the priorities for your life.  This would mean that a big part of how one defines “keeper of the home” would take into consideration the way in which we support our husbands.


As we seek to live out this role of keeper of the home we realize how closely tied it is to being a ‘helpmeet’ to your husband. The two just go hand-in-hand.  It is an important role to play in your husband’s life.  For your husband to know that in his home there is support, love and peace that comes from a home that is in order and a wife who is devoted and caring, will be a strength to him as well as a blessing! 


Lesson number one then would have you examining your home to make sure the areas of your home that would be a support to your husband are running well. Things like planned meals so there will be something on the table when he walks in, clean laundry so there are fresh towels when he finishes his shower and clean clothes in the dresser drawers.  Orderliness in the home might be on the list.  Is there peace when he walks in the door? Or are the kids out of control?  Changing this might mean about an hour or so before he gets home you stop what you are doing and pick up the house, wash up the children and let them know that daddy will be home soon and it is time to be ready for him.  Are the children being respectful and are they a blessing to you? There may be child training issues to deal with. 


Each of the above mentioned tasks that might be done to support your husband is also something that defines your role as “keeper of the home”.  Thinking of your husband first means that you have a starting place for your home.  You see your home is your domain.  God has given women a role with a definition (Titus 2:3-5) and a special place (the home) to fulfill His calling in our life.  Any one of these areas and others not mentioned here may need evaluation to see if they are reflecting right priorities for you and to see what types of adjustments may need to be made.

As the year continues, it is my desire to occasionally have more “Keeper of the Home 101” type lessons that can focus on more specific areas of the home.  I would hope that each of us ladies will be able to strive to be better equipped to run our homes.  It is not an easy job, but one that requires an understanding of the Lords view on our lives as well as knowledge on how to live this out and tools to learn that will make our job as homemakers much more of a blessing to our families!



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