Housework, Drudgery or Service?
Crystal Miller

Housework and caring for a family can seem like an unending thankless job at times for many women. Everyday a housewife deals with many of the same things. The same chores to do, the same tasks to accomplish, the same issues with the children, husband etc… So if this is how many women have viewed their job as homemaker is there a way to have an improved view and outlook? I believe there is if a person is willing to begin first to pray that the Lord give them a softened heart for the home. I sadly see many women today that are in such need of a heart softened towards their homes.

Any woman can choose to believe that their job is drudgery or they can choose to view it as a service to Christ. I believe that being a homemaker is a ministry of service and love unto Christ to those the Lord has given me to love, nurture and care for. My husband and family are the ones that mean the most to me; they are the closest to my heart. They are the first and foremost ministry in my life. If I begin to think of other things I would rather be doing then laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc… I realize that I have neglected to view my role from God’s perspective and that is as His servant. There is something humbling about serving others, washing the feet of our loved ones in these tasks. Something that can, if we allow it, help to put our heart in the right place. It can change our view of the work we do each day. If Jesus walked into your home you would do everything possible to serve Him while He was in your home. Well ladies.. He IS in your home and you are serving Him each day as you go about your task of raising up godly children and caring for and keeping a home for you husband and family (Matt. 25:40 And the King will answer and say to them, ”Assuredly, I say to you inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me”).

There are still dishes to wash, and laundry to fold and put away and clutter to stay on top of every day. But may I encourage you to find the joy in this. Learn to find joy in every day life. Each time you complete a task change any feelings of drudgery to one of thankfulness that Jesus has given you this opportunity to love and serve Him. Soon you will see things differently. A thankful attitude towards the Lord will always result in a thankful heart. I find it a blessing and honor to be a homemaker. I find so much joy in being able to interact with my children and keep an orderly home for my husband and to find the simple joy in just every day life.

There is something soothing about the washing machine humming and knowing the laundry is being attended to. Or the smell and look of floors that are clean and shiny. Home baked meals, children looking clean and groomed, some flowers picked sitting on the clean table, or the smell and look of pretty candles in a pretty room, or the smell of line dried clothes that have been hanging in the sun.

All of the jobs we do as homemakers are valuable. Nothing is drudgery unless we choose to view it that way and ignore the ministry right in front of us. Our heart and attitude being in the right place will make all the difference in the world. I remember reading a devotional one time of a young mother looking at a globe and wishing the Lord would send her on to some meaningful work in her life. All while her children were in the background wanting her attention and time. It concluded with her discovering that her greatest ministry and service to Jesus was already in her hands right in her home.

Sisters, if you struggle with some of these feelings let us strive to have thankful hearts that can turn negative and depressed feelings into a desire to embrace and excel in this ministry that Jesus has given us. Turn each task to be done into an opportunity to thank Him for the honor of serving Him. You will soon have the joy of seeing the “meaningless and endless” jobs be turned into a joy and appreciation for the everyday.

Don’t let the world fool you into thinking that the good life and the life to be desired is outside your home. Many women must work for various reason and many have a heart for their home and would love to come home. I believe this is God given. The desire to have children, nurture, love and create a home is there in all women who choose to listen to their hearts. Seek and pray that you can have a heart for and a love of the home and enjoy the beauty of humbly washing the feet of your loved ones today!


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