Home Management

Crystal Miller     


When I think of the word “Homemaking” I think of the word as “Making a Home”.  Homemaking is all that goes into making my house a home. 


Perhaps because I have a large family I feel like much of homemaking is good home management.  I have felt that it takes a well functioning home to feel like a comfortable home.  A home where your family enjoys the time spent and others like to come to your home for refreshment and encouragement.  I personally feel like it is hard for me to nurture my family and reach out to others if my life and home are not functioning as they should. 


There is something peaceful and satisfying about having a home with well functioning systems in place and working.  Life seems to flow better.  There is a set method for how to deal with toys, books, papers, how to handle laundry, chores, clutter, clean the bathroom, the living room, bedrooms, and there is a plan for meals and shopping.  This makes me feel I have a good handle on my domain.  Without plan or thought to these things life will seem to be in a state of chaos more often than not. Whether you have a large family or a small one, this job requires time and thought.  However it can take even more time in the day to deal with these areas if there is no specific way of handling the routine tasks. 


One of the difficulties that can arise and prevent a home from being managed well is that the regular routine jobs that make home life flow smoothly can tend to be put off while the family pursues other activities, albeit often times good activities.  It would seem a logical conclusion that home management also includes ‘right priorities’. 


Many years ago when I began my quest to manage my home better I evaluated all the busyness in my life and looked at what things might be preventing me from managing my home better.  I decided that if I am not able to take care of my home in such a way that shows that I have control over my domain then I may need to lessen what I currently have going on and I won’t add any more to my schedule. 


I have always been a person who would bite off more than I could chew so to speak. I don’t think I am alone with this either, as I talk to other women who deal with the same issue.  I would take on more projects than I could handle, I volunteered for more than I should have, and I made plans that were beyond my abilities or time.  The end result was always the same; something would suffer. 


First to suffer would be my home, it would become a mess, laundry would back up, and clutter would be a big problem. Then my children would be next; attitude problems, discipline issues not being handled well, little ones not getting enough mommy time.  Of course meals would suffer; boxed cereal, instant, expensive and typically unhealthy food would be served.  All for the sake of not having my home under control.  


Problems in good home management can also come from our time not being used as efficiently as possible.  I know that it can be somewhat depressing for someone to look around and see that they don’t have control over their home or don’t have as much control as they feel they should and think it is hopeless, I might as well just continue on because I can’t ever get it under control.  But let me encourage you that my experience is that as I have worked to organize, deal with clutter, create and implement systems of operation in my home and learn to use my time wisely that my skill level in these areas has increased, my efficiency has increased and I am able to train my children to work along side me and eventually move beyond the basics and accomplish other things in my life.


I know that managing my home is a mission that the Lord has given me.  I always want to remember that homemaking is not a job to be avoided but a job to embrace and live to its’ full potential.  This is one major area that is so easy to run from.  It can be hard work to run a well managed home.  This is a challenge that we as homemakers can embrace and be successful.  It requires a determination to succeed and a plan.  I don’t mind hard work and I don’t mind working towards these goals when I know that my hard work and my goals are for the purpose of something worthy.  And certainly raising a family in such a way as to honor Christ is a worthy purpose.


I also feel like the time spent making and managing a home for my family will be a value passed on not only to my children but to future generations too.  I think of the legacy left to me by my hard working, home loving, dedicated grandmothers and I know I can leave this same legacy for my grandchildren. 


Striving for a well managed home will reap great rewards and blessings in many areas of life.  Home management is a valued mission, something that makes all the effort worth every minute!



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