Garlic Roasted Potatoes

This is one of our favorite ways to eat potatoes, well maybe mashed potatoes runs a close second. It is a very easy dish to put together.

You will need an amount of potatoes to feed your family. For the pictures below I used about 3lbs along with some minced garlic, salt, seasoning salt and olive oil..

I chop the potatoes up into bite size pieces…

Then I get out my 9x13 pan and some non-stick cooking spray. I spray the pan real well with it. Then add the potatoes and pour on some olive oil, the amount you need is based on how many potatoes you use. You want them nicely coated with the oil..

Next, I add minced garlic. For batch I used one kind of heaping tablespoon along with salt, pepper and some Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (no measurement, just gave it a few shakes)….

Then stir it all up...

Now bake in a 400 degree oven until the potatoes are soft and golden brown. Make sure you stir them around a few times while they bake. This can take an hour or so , but that will also vary depending on how many potatoes you use.



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