Deviled Eggs

12 eggs (1 dozen), hard boiled and peeled
cup mayonnaise
2 t. vinegar
2 t. prepared mustard
t. salt
pepper, to taste

Carefully slice eggs in half the longest direction.  Put yolks in a medium size bowl.  With a fork, mash the yolks until fine.  Add the remaining ingredients.  With a spoon, carefully pack the filling back into the egg white halves. 

My daughter Emily loves to make deviled eggs and when she made them a few days ago she put the filling ingredients in our food processor and mixed them up until they were very smooth.  Then she put the filling in a plastic bag and cut the corner out of the bag (like you might do for frosting) and she filled the eggs with this finishing them off with a nice looking curly-q on the top!  They were very nice looking!

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