Personalized Organization… Your Own Daily Planner/Homemaking Journal
Crystal Miller

One area I have been tackling is getting a daily planner type book that works for me. Each of us has different needs and while some planners work great for some, for others they don’t. Some planners I have used in the past have a few features that I like while others end up just not working and I am improvising. So this year instead of going out and buying a planner I wrote down all the things I look for in one and what kind of things I especially like.

With this info in mind I began putting my own planner together. I started with a 3-ring binder as I have found the smaller planners don’t always have enough room for me. Then I printed out the calendars for the year. I have a calendar program and there are many available for the computer and they will last you many years. You can even have fun and personalize your monthly calendars as well! Then I started for the month of January by printing out meal planning pages, blank grocery lists (I have the ones I am using on my web site) so I can plan meals and write out my list at the same time, I put in a spiral note book that has holes for a 3-ring binder, for extra paper for taking notes, writing “to-do” lists down on, scribbling info on and journaling any thoughts or prayers. I also have clear page protectors so I can add other items such as Scripture verses I am memorizing, inspirational quotes, homemaking tips and advice, etc.. I have space for a chart to keep track of my garden plans and when to order seeds and what dates to plant certain things and a record of when things are planted. I also will add a chart for animal info. When the animals need to be wormed and flea meds applied, when they will deliver and hoof trimming, etc… I am also working on writing down my daily routines as well to help keep me focused each day! . I also have my New Year goals written down so as my life gets busy, I can remember some of the things that I wanted to devote more time to this year.

Other items that could be added to this daily planner/homemaking journal are birthdates and anniversary dates. You can go through your calendar and even write down a reminder on the date you should get your cards out. Homeschooling/school information, budget plans and outlines and a sheet to record household expenses for any area that you are responsible for. Having this type of 3-ring binder with the pockets on the sides also gives you a spot to put your weekly recipes so that you can have easy access to them during the week.


If you are interested in pages for a home journal I have them available on my my Home Organization CD.  You can find more details here:


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