Crockpot BBQ Beef for the Freezer


I purchased 10lbs of beef roast. It was a pretty good deal, a little less expensive than hamburger.  I spent some time and cut the meat up into bite size pieces. It took a bit a time but if I had bought the meat already cut it would have doubled the cost. So I figured it was worth my time to cut it up myself.  I used 4lbs for this crockpot meal and used the other 6lbs to can beef stew.

This is what I started with..

And this is what I ended up with…

I used 4lbs of the meat to make 2 crockpot meals for the freezer. Here is the recipe:

Crockpot BBQ Beef for the freezer

4lbs beef stew meat, cut into bite size pieces
1 1/2 cups bbq sauce (can be purchased or homemade)
1 1/2 cups jam or jelly, this can be peach jam, grape jelly, etc.. your choice (in the pictures below I used a jar of my home canned zucchini pineapple for the recipe but have made this same recipe many, many times with jam and/or jelly)


I put 2lbs of cut up beef in 2 gallon size zip lock bags (4lbs total.. 2lbs in each bag)..

I then added the bbq sauce…

And the zucchini pineapple (you can use jam or jelly instead as I mentioned in the blog post linked above):

Seal and squish together and freeze (pretty easy stuff :)…

On cooking day… dump the bag of bbq beef into the crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours. Serve over brown rice or mashed potatoes.


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