Clutter Control Tips 

Spring is just around the corner and so is spring cleaning!!  One of the very first steps in giving your home a good thorough spring cleaning is getting a handle on the clutter!   

First you need to do a major de-cluttering of your home if you have not done this recently.  Begin this task room by room, or spot by spot; the junk drawer first, the overloaded end table, your desk, etc.  Then move through that room until it is done.  Make sure you have boxes for things to give away, garbage bags for things to throw away, and a box or container for items that you want to keep but need to find there way to a new home.   

Be ruthless!!  Don’t keep anything you really don’t need or that does not have extreme sentimental value to you.  The weight of carrying around such items is depressing and can prevent you from moving forward in life.  “Stuff” is not worth the toll it can take on you.   

After the spring de-cluttering is done, you will need to develop clutter-free habits.  If you build these habits into your life you can break the cycle that allows things to get built up to where they are overwhelming for you.   

Keep the following tips in mind when making new daily habits.  If you keep and homemaking journal then write these tips down and read them daily until this is a way of life for you.   

1. Don’t let piles build up. Put things away when finished with them.  

2. Deal with things as they come into the house.  Toss the junk mail, file the bills, set the personal mail on your desk and read and respond as soon as possible.  

3. Set times each day to walk around the house and put things into their correct place.  My father use to always say,  “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  This may not be original but that is where I first heard it.   I let that little phrase dance through my head when I deal with my things.  So, make a spot for all items that you have.  If the items are keepers then make sure you have a shelf or a tote or box to deal with each item.  There will be no question as to where something goes if it has a prepared place.    

4. Throw away anything that you really do not need and is not worth making a place for. Remember you just most likely can’t keep every piece of art work your child brings home, or every issue of your favorite magazine, or every recipe that you print out.  If it has value to you then make a file for the art work and resign to keep only a couple pieces each year, Buy a few large 3-ring bingers for the magazines and the recipes so that they have a neat organized place to be.  Figure out what to do with the things you really want, toss or give away the rest.  

Clutter can rule your life!  It can make an otherwise reasonably clean home feel like a disaster.  It can make you feel overwhelmed and depressed.  Developing good clutter control habits will help to keep your home from feeling overwhelmed. 



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