Make a Simple Clothes Pin Bag for your Clothes Line! 

Summertime is time to hang out the laundry!  I love my clothesline but was always struggling with how to deal with the clothes pins.  Well I have solved that problem and want to pass this on to all you clothes line ladies!!

This is a VERY simple project to make!  If you donít sew, do not despair because you can hand stitch this one!


1 childís size button up the front shirt, about size 2T or 3T

1 coat hanger

Thread to match the fabric


Lay the shirt on the table and button up the front of the shirt. 

Turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom of the shirt closed.

Turn the shirt right side out and unbutton the first few buttons at the top.

Now you have a little bag that you can fill with your clothes pins!

Insert your coat as if you were hanging the shirt up and hang it on your clothes line! 

Not only is it cute but it is the most simple to make and useable project that I have made in awhile!!



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