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I recently made some cloth diapers for my daughter who is expecting a baby.  I posted pictures of them on my blog.  Well I received several comments and emails on how I did them and if I would share about this.  So I did.   The following page is informational for anyone wanting to sew their own diapers. 



First let me say emphatically that I am NO EXPERT on this topic!!  But I will share what I did.  I recently answered an email from a lady who had asked me how I made the diapers and where I bought my pattern.  I decided to use my answer to her here in order to answer everyone’s questions at the same time!  She had also asked me about washing cloth diapers so I included an answer for that as well. 



The internet is full of tons of information on making homemade diapers.  In fact so much information that one could be completely overwhelmed!  They even have Yahoo groups dedicated to nothing else but this subject.



I diapered 5 of my 8 in cloth.  It really is not that big of a deal and the cost savings is tremendous.  I have a message board and this topic was discussed awhile back and I even calculated how much it would cost to run a dryer for cloth diapers and it still was a huge money saver. 


My oldest daughter has a limited budget, as most of us do. So she often seeks ways to save money.  Knowing that children would be in their future one day she had talked about using cloth diapers.   I ran across an article on the internet called “How We Diapered Brad for Free”…  I was fascinated how this grandmother was able to help her daughter by making cloth diapers.  She went into detail on how she did it, and in the end it cost her nothing to make the diapers.   This appealed to both my daughter and I!   


Later on this same grandma, who at this point had made many, many diapers for her grandchildren was selling the patterns.  They were/are very, very simplistic patterns.  There are many, many cloth diaper patterns out there and they are quite expensive.  I bought hers because they were reasonably priced, and I was not looking for anything extremely fancy.. I just needed some basic help.  She sells her diaper pattern on her website:




Here is also a pattern for making the basic flat fold type diapers (I made a dozen of these for my daughter too.. they can also make nice burp rags):


When it comes to how to sew the diapers I actually found this fantastic website with step-by-step photo instructions on how to assemble the diapers.  So I used the above fitted diaper pattern with this ladies instructions:


I bought $1.00 a yard flannel from Walmart for the inside layers and the soaker pad.  I bought the $2.57 a yard cute flannel from Walmart for the outside.  This flannel was thicker and gave the diapers a cute look, in my thoughts anyway!    They don’t take that long to make.  Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.  Plus it is something that I can just work on in stages. I can sit at the table and sew diapers while I help my 2nd grader with his school work.   



As for washing them?  Well when my kids were in diapers I had a routine.  I put all used diapers in my diaper pail .. I did not soak them.  I rinsed the poopy ones in the toilet, and then put them all in the pail.  I also used inexpensive wash cloths from Walmart instead of wet wipes.   Those I would also toss in the pail when I was done.   


Then on wash day I dump the contents of the pail in my washer and run them through a rinse cycle.  I set my machine to “rinse” .  I would add nothing to this.  Just let it rinse and spin out.  When that was done I added detergent and bleach to the load and ran them through a regular cycle.  I did it this way for all 5 kids and the diapers were always clean and never smelled.



Now with the diapers I have made, of course they will not do well with bleach so the option for washing them would be much the same.  But instead of the bleach I would use Oxyclean and probably add a scoop of borax when I added the soap.  I have since learned that vinegar makes an excellent rinse agent (I do use this for all my laundry now) so I would fill the rinse dispenser with vinegar too. 


Well that is a quick run down of my cloth diaper making journey.  As I said to begin with there are many, many options out there, and many ways of doing this.  Mine is certainly not the most creative!  If you do a google search on making cloth diapers you too can be amazed at all there is out there!!  


If you would like some more info on using cloth diapers you can read my article:
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