Cleaning Lists for my Home


My list of chores is extensive because I have a big family and we put a lot of wear and tear on our home. The floors get dirty often, each room is heavily used and needs daily care, we have one bathroom for the 7 of us and it needs lots of maintenance. So my daily list of chores probably looks overwhelming to those with small families. But don’t let that discourage you in creating your own list with your own priorities. Not everyone needs to wash their bathroom floor 3 times a week or vacuum as often as I do.


My list of all lists.... 
Master Cleaning List

My basic chores broken down day by day...
Monday’s Chores
Tuesday’s Chores
Wednesday’s Chores
Thursday’s Chores
Friday’s Chores
Saturday’s Chores

I am still working on my Monthly Cleaning List (chores done one to two times a month) and my Yearly Cleaning List (chores done 1 to 2 times a year) and will post those as soon as I have them finished.


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