Crystals Chicken Pot Pie

Crystal Miller

~NOTE: This is a large recipe (8 to 10 servings) and can be cut in half for feeding smaller groups


Double recipe of your favorite pie crust

4 cups cooked and chopped chicken

1 cup sliced and cooked carrots

3 cooked and diced potatoes

2 cups cooked and chopped broccoli (I have substituted canned green beans or peas)

4 to 6 cups of seasoned white sauce (I make a standard white sauce and season it with 1 tablespoon chicken broth powder)


Roll out about of the pie crust and line an 11x15 inch pan.  Mix chicken and all veggies together and put into the pie crust.  Pour enough gravy to cover vegetable and chicken plus enough to make it look almost too soupy, the potatoes will absorb some of the sauce as it cooks. Roll out remaining dough and place over the top.  Crimp edges and make several slits in the top.  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and gravy is bubbly.  





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