Build a Log Cabin

By Jack Hudson


Log Cabin Homes : They have come a long way. Here are some tips and

suggestions to help you plan and build your own. Plus be sure to

consider the floor plans and not overlook anything.


Typically, log cabin homes are small structures that have little or

no wasted space and are built from all natural materials. However,

new trends have surfaced, making log cabin homes appear as

luxurious, rustic, and cozy houses.  At the same time, many of these

luxury log cabin homes still use all natural materials, but there

are new building techniques and systems used for drying the logs

effectively at proper rates.


Log cabin homes are useful for you as a main house or as a vacation

home.  In fact, any design and style can be created with log cabin

homes.  No matter what design you decide upon, log cabin homes will

surround you in nature always have a comfortable yet rough feel.


Maintenance problems from log homes are often unavoidable. However,

new knowledge and technology can help prevent many of the problems

from happening.  Many of the new techniques can also stop some

maintenance problems from happening, and if they do occur, they will

not be as extreme.


Well built log cabin homes will have regular maintenance needs to

ensure that it will last a long time. However, no major problems

should arise for several years.  If you DO have a log cabin home

built unprofessionally, it suggests that proper building techniques

may not be used and problems with logs cracking or seeping sap may

occur.  These things can be fixed, but it is far better to do your

research early on and have a log cabin home built by a credible



If you are considering building a log cabin, make sure to follow

instructions carefully..


Several online resources have guidelines on how to build a log

cabin, mostly for small cabin layouts.  If you are interested in

learning how to build a log cabin, search these sites to get a

general knowledge of basic cabin building.  You need to first

research and learn about the essential materials and preparations. 

If you are a beginner, start small and learn through trial and error.


The tips on how to build a log cabin suggest that you find a

location first, then begin creating a design and decide on the

size.  Once this is accomplished, find out the length and width at

the site and clear the area.  The rules for laying a foundation

differ depending on the type, and you may not want or need a

foundation for a small cabin.


Start stacking logs by laying two logs lengthwise and parallel to

each other, with the desired width between them.  Cut notches in two

other logs, one foot away from the ends.  The notches should fit

around and lay perpendicular to the two base logs.  Continue

stacking the logs this way, alternating the notches.  Once the door

height is reached, cut out the doors and windows.


Choosing from various Log Cabin Floor Plans


While log cabin floor plans are traditionally small, cosy, homely,

and economical homes, new trends have been developed in the last

twenty years.  It is now often found that the small log cabin floor

plans built are mostly used for vacation houses or hunting and

fishing lodges.  Log cabin floor plans always broadcast a

comfortable, relaxing, and rustic aura. 

Modern trends have combined these characteristics with elegance in

the large, luxurious log cabin floor plans built.


When you choose to build with materials used on traditional houses,

such as ranch style or cape cod homes, you are sometimes limited to

the designs you can create.  With log cabin floor plans you have an

endless selection of styles and designs to build.  Manufacturers

that sell log cabin building materials suggest to find a builder who

is knowledgeable about log homes.  This way you are sure to get a

log cabin floor plan built properly and sturdy.  Be sure to only use

logs that have been dried correctly in order to avoid later

maintenance problems.


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