Crystal’s Beef Stew

This is how I usually put together beef stew:

I buy a beef chuck pot roast. This is less expensive and I think tastes much better then stew meat. I chop up the roast into small pieces and put it into a large roast pan ( any casserole type dish will work as long as it has a lid. I then dust it well with flour and spices. I like to use Johnny's Season Salt and pepper. I then chop up potatoes (measurements are as desired), carrots, celery and any other desired veggie. In a fry pan I sauté onion and green pepper until they are soft. I add this to the roasting pan. I sprinkle in a bit more flour and mix everything well. I add a bit of chicken, beef or vegetable beef broth and a good amount of chopped garlic (I buy the chopped garlic in a jar at Costco-- if you don't have this just use a couple of chopped cloves or adjust amount to your taste) and then add water, just enough to cover all the ingredients. Cover tightly and bake in a slow oven -- 300 degrees -- for a few hours. Check a few times and stir. Serve with homemade bread or home made dinner rolls….. yum!!





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