Black Bean Burritos Our favorite Burritos Refried Beans
Sloppy Joe's Red Beans and Rice Nacho's For a Crowd!
Navy Bean Casserole  Yummy Pinto Beans Black Bean Spaghetti 
Lentils and Brown Rice Taco Filling Fabulous Baked Beans Chili
Italian Pinto Beans  Ranch Beans   Pork Chops and Pintos
Crystal's Bean Burgers Lentil Chili Spicy Beef and Beans
White Bean Chicken Chili new!    


If you are looking for bean recipes (more than 40 delicious bean recipes using basic healthy ingredients), helpful tutorials (several step by step picture tutorials) as well as bean cooking and nutritional information you may be interested in my new eBook:


Cooking With Beans!


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